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Ani-Kutani: The honorable Principal Chief and Chief Priest Charles L. "Jahtlohi" Rogers M.D.

Dr. Rogers is authentic Chief Priest of the highest order of spiritual gifts, and if any person has fulfilled the ancient Hopi prophecies

Hopi Prophecy of the restoration of all medicine societies that would been lost and restored, Docrtor Rogers Rogers has..

*KJV Acts 3:21 "Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began."

*KJV Matthew 13:35 "That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world." 

Dr Rogers founded the Ancient Cherokee Church of One God YO HEE WAAH (website link) -- with its AniKutani priesthood restored. 

Ani-Kutani and Dishonorable Chief Paul "White Eagle"

The nice thing about the Cherokee Nation is that it is a small world. About the time that this website made its debut, a man named Paul White Eagle who lived near Kirkland Air Force Base  near Albuquerque suddenly moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Elder John Red Hat lived in Laguna New Mexico, not to far from Albuquerque. Red Hat and Dottie Daigle (his friend and medicine helper of of ten years and author of his authorized teachings) were active members of the Cherokee Nation Southwest Township in Albuquerque, New Mexico... a group of Cherokees that Chief Chad Smith respects and visits from time to time.

Grandfather Red Hat knew that Paul White Eagle did NOT have a good reputation in New Mexico... and had even "borrowed" some medicine items from members of the Cherokee Nation Southwest Township -- and then never returned them.

It is well known that Paul White Eagle NEVER claimed to be Ani-Kutani when he lived in New Mexico. He never claimed to be a medicine man. As a matter of fact... he seemed to now little about being a Cherokee until he started hanging around members of the Cherokee Nation Southwest Township.

Then Paul White Eagle moved to Cape Girardeau, MO. WE knew he would probably target Pitter Seabaugh -- who is the most prominent Cherokee in that area, so we sent her an e-mail letter of warning. Later, we found out that Pitter had been hosting meetings in her area featuring Paul White Eagle.

We knew Pitter to be a person of honor, so we were encouraged. Then after a couple of years passed (time wounds all heels,) and on Oct 12, 2003, we found out that Pitter had apparently smelled a rat and done some investigating of Paul Smith... and this is what she wrote and what is in the archives of her "cherokendn" Yahoogroup - click red text to see Pitter's archived Yahoogroups message.

Re: [cherokeendn] fake indians

Thats kind of what happened here in Cape Girardeau! Chief Paul White Eagle

claimed to be of the Keetoowah band, A registered member who could sell his art

and hold eagle feathers. I called the Nation, yes they knew him. They pulled

his file and quickly told me no he is not a member. They said that at one time

he was an honorary member, but he could never prove his Cherokee line.

He too claims to be a medicine man. He is trying to get someone from the Mormon

church to donate them millions of dollars! Because of his medicine. He feels

they may get at least a million. "FRAUD"!!!!!

So yes thats a good idea, check them out.


John Red Hat Duke could have exposed Paul when he moved to Missouri, but Red Hat knew it was MUCH wiser to let Paul White Eagle show his true negative nature (people with negative natures always do) and then after Paul had shown his true persona, what Red Hat knew about him would be revealed.

Though Red Hat walked west to the spiritual camp on January 30th not long ago, he left some instructions to be revealed at the appropriate time. One instruction was STAY AWAY FROM PAUL WHITE EAGLE.

The following is taken from an Autobiography of Wilma Mankiller - former Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

"A tale from our oral tradition suggests that there was once an ancient hereditary society called the Ani-Kutani. This society kept to itself a great deal of sacred knowledge, and controlled the spiritual functions of the tribe. This group eventually became too omnipotent and abused its sacred powers. Then, as the story goes, the people rebelled against its members and overthrew them. But for as long as we can tell, there was no central ruling clan or society. Our people lived in autonomous villages scattered over their southeastern domain. There is some evidence that each town had a war chief and a peace chief, sometimes called a Red Chief and a White Chief, charged respectively with the external and internal affairs of government. each chief had a council of advisors."

Don't let negative, resentful persons (who were actually considered witches by our ancient ancestors) who today call themselves "Cherokee" deter you from this goal. We welcome all persons of good heart.  

Come here to learn what it really means to be a Cherokee... and not just a Cherokee who has "Cherokee Citizenship" or "a BIA card"

Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John "Red Hat" Duke - of the AniGilohi Clan - passed away on December 30th, 2003, but his message, and teachings from the ancestors, are available in a book, "Red Hat Speaks." It is available now and can be ordered as an e-book at, or from any bookstore ISBN: 0595310613, or from The cost per bound book should be less than $10.95, and the cost of an eBook is $6.00

The author is Dorothy K. D'aigle, Red Hat's good friend for the last ten years.

John Redhat's work is also being continued - with his blessings - at Prophecykeepers Radio.

Anyone wishing to verify that John RedHat Duke was an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma may contact either Principal Chief Chad Smith or past Deputy Chief Hastings Shade.  

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