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“First, let us remove all negative thoughts from our minds so we can come together as one.” -
Traditional Prayer, Crosslin Smith - son of Stokes Smith, who was son of Redbird Smith

"We must not surrender under any circumstances until we shall 'fall to the ground united.' We must lead one another by the hand with all our strength." (Laws of the Keetoowah April, 1859)

Then in the hand of Sequoyah the Keetoowah Commandments...

"That means we belong to that in there... the way he says...
We belong to God... and its Israel... God is Israel, Israel psalmers... Israel belong to God."
Spoken by Chief William Lee Smith, during the 1984 KJRH Television Documentary Spirit of the Fire

VIDEO - CLICK HERE: the 1984 55 min. KJRH-TV Documentary Video "Spirit of the Fire" - revealing for the first time - authorized by the Original Keetoowah Society Council -  some of the artifacts and ceremonies of "Original Keetoowah Society," the spiritual core of the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Elders in action behind the scenes!

   Photos of John Red Hat conferring with Principal Chief Chad Smith    
This meeting put CNO Principal Chief Chad Smith's feet on
a path to eventually make an historic announcement.

This society is a not a tribe, or a nation... though it is recognized that it held full sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation at the turn of the 20th century. This society is a religious fellowship one is born into -- but we have many friendsthat we invit to our fires. This Society has been called the "spiritual core" of the Cherokee Nation. As a religious fellowship, we recognize as "Cherokee" what our grandparents taught us was "Cherokee"  which is AniYunwiya. Many "Cherokee" today (since the 1880s actually) have absolutely no concept of what being a Cherokee means.

Don't let negative, resentful persons (who were actually considered witches by our ancient ancestors) who today call themselves "Cherokee" deter you from this goal. We welcome all persons of good heart.  

Come here to learn what it really means to be a Cherokee... and not just a Cherokee who has "Cherokee Citizenship" or "a BIA card"

John Redhat's work is also being continued - with his blessings - at Prophecykeepers Radio.

Anyone wishing to verify that John RedHat Duke was an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma may contact either Principal Chief Chad Smith or past Deputy Chief Hastings Shade.  

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